Wrappers Alcantara for iPhone SE - Wrappers UK

Wrappers Alcantara for iPhone SE

Alcantara is an Italian designed super fabric best known for its use in luxury car interiors. It has a gorgeous, tactile suede like finish and is soft enough to make precise, form fitted covers that are highly durable. Wrappers Alcantara covers come in ten colours and two finishes - classic and perforated.

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2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Race

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Making an iPad Pro your primary computer and essential accessories - Wrappers UK

Making an iPad Pro your primary computer and essential accessories

Rasmus Skjoldan, product manager at Magnolia International, has written about replacing his MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch with Apple's iPad Pro. 

The switch is from relying on one main computer accessing many things,  to a much more modular computing setup. The hard disk is no longer what Skjoldan keeps organized and controlled.

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iPad Pro with pencil case - Wrappers UK

iPad Pro with pencil case

Designing a custom case in wool felt to carry iPad Pro and pencil.

It does not need to be overly complicated. We decided on the simplest of solutions. The pencil is well protected and the whole case adds only a few centimetres.

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It's useful to know the dimensions of your Apple gadget when buying accessories online. It will help find a well fitted cover. Here are height, width and depth specifications for Apple's range of current and recent tablets and notebooks.

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Wrappers Launches Sand Rosé

Last week we took delivery of a brand new Alcantara colour - Sand Rosé. We've chosen it specially to colour co-ordinate with Apple's latest iPhone colour, whether you think it is Rose Gold or Bros Gold. It's definitely a unisex colour.

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Alcantara Unboxing

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Apple invests in solar energy - Wrappers UK

Apple invests in solar energy

Apple has announced two new programs aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of its manufacturing partners in China. According to the tech giant, the projects will remove over 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses from the manufacturing cycle between now and 2020.

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