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We love receiving custom order requests! All our products are made by us locally in Oxfordshire. As the designer/makers of what we sell, you can ask us for any combination and size of cover. Please Email your request and, if we have fabric in stock, we will send you a quote and timescale for making your order.



is possible to order black alcantara wrapper for Samsung Galaxy A3?
I have found your wrappers in red Alcantara for an iPhone 6s Plus on the Internet. I would be interested in one of them, but I have a question. Could you produce a bag like that  a little longer and larger. I have a bumper around my iPhone an have some difficulties in finding a sleeve for it.
Could you produce a larger bag ? Could you sent it to Luxembourg ?
I have purchased a few iPhone wrappers from you over the years. I have just bought a new Macbook and would like a custom sleeve made for it, and so would a friend.
I'm after a linen sleeve for an HP Stream 7 (192.78 x 110.74 x 9.90 mm); how much would this be, and how orange is the tangerine?
Hello again :)   my friends liked the alcantara slip case for my galaxy S4 very much when i showed them and one of them wants to buy one for his mobile phone HTC M8...was wondering if you have the material for the HTC M8 Black color?
Hey Guys, You've previously made three sleeves for me. The one for my iPad Air2 is in Grey Alcantara and the sleeves for my MacBook Air and Kindle Voyage are both Black Cordura with a great white & blue paisley design inside. I've just bought an iPhone 6 Plus and would love a sleeve to match my MacBook and kindle... Is this possible please?
Dear Sirs, Would it be possible to make a grey Alcantara slip case to fit the Galaxy Alpha?
Hi there I was wondering why on your website you don't have the Alcantara With Dot available with a pocket for purchase. Is this an oversiight? I am also aware that you occasionally have other colours available in limited quantities and seem to remember a burnt orange colour. Do you have anything like this?

Hi, Can you please advise me which of your cases would fit a Dell XPS 13” (Height: 9-15mm (0.33-0.6") x Width: 304mm (11.98") x Depth: 200mm (7.88").

I would like to order a black and orange lumo case in Cordura?  Can you help?

Hi -- I was wondering if you'd be interested in creating a custom version of your iPad case for me to protect an Apple Keyboard. Our keyboards are constantly losing keys and getting dented in transport. I'm looking to make a simple black, padded case for the full-sized "Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad". Please let me know if you're interested -- and approximate pricing -- and any questions you may have.