About Us

Wrappers started making natural fabric sleeves for Apple's black MacBook in 2006.

There was not a lot available at that time to keep your MacBook pristine, other than synthetic covers, which with daily use did not wear very well.

Orders for our natural linen sleeves grew by word of mouth and over the years style editors and tech journalists have featured our products in round up's of what's best in accessories for tech you hold.

  • Wrappers is a UK outfit that offers unique solutions from their .RECYCLED line—limited edition products made from locally sourced fabrics—to luxurious Alcantara sleeves constructed from the Italian super-fabric that also graces Formula One seat covers and the ear pads of high-end headphones.  Dave Banks, Geek Dad
  • Unique cases ...  fits over an iPad and its Smart Cover. This is a solution for those who want to keep the Apple Smart Cover, but need a little extra protection during a commute. Nick Bilton, New York Times
  • Eight exciting iPad cases - a colorful sleeve, protects the iPad with foam padding and elastic corner ties, eliminating bulk and adding to the iPad's already-classy composition.  Josh Rubin, Cool Hunting 
  • Top Ten iPad cases Wrappers wool cashmere pinstripe mix. Luke Leitch, The Times
  • Lovely cases and covers for a range of gadgets including the iPhone and Kindle. Shane Richmond, The Telegraph
  • Wrappers is an indie UK company that has been making natural fabric sleeves and cases for Apple products since 2006. If you don't want to use your iPhone in a case constantly, but want it free from scratches and dents, then this slip case is the one for you. The suede looks and feels great, and it's very affordable.and covers for a range of gadgets including the iPhone and Kindle. Ashleigh Macro. Macworld.

Today we still offer our original Wrappers linen sleeve and have added two more quality, made to last, eco-friendly textiles - Alcantara and Wool Felt.

As well as MacBooks, we tailor make covers for Apple's iPhone and iPad and Amazon's Kindle.