A fitted face mask washable reversible comfortable to wear

A fitted face mask washable reversible comfortable to wear - Wrappers UK

A good face covering is one that fits the curves of your face, covers your nose and mouth and can be worn for hours without having to fuss over it.

If you can see a slight movement in and out as you breathe then logically that is a sign of a good fit. Air is evidently not leaking out around the sides.

When we've been out and about, we noticed how few masks seemed to display this sign of a good fit, so Wrappers decided to make a fitted covering with a nose wire and add a few extras that we preferred for our own use:

face mask with filter pocket

A wider filter pocket that makes adding a non-woven layer more practical than the more usual narrow pockets that open at the sides. The filter cost of using non-woven 2 ply paper towel, which has a structure similar to the middle layers of medical masks,  inbetween two layers of finely woven  cotton, is next to nothing.

Alcantara ear saver face mask

Alcantara for a soft, washable head band with elastic loops that takes pressure off the ears if wearing for long periods and which does not entangle in your hair.   

Wrappers non-medical face masks come in three sizes and are made from a range of plain and patterned best quality cottons.

Three options for holding it in place: elastic sewn in which keeps the mask very flush to your face and can be adjusted with a knot (more eco-friendly than a plastic toggle and just as effective); looped with elastic held in the sides of the mask and which can be adjusted and the knot concealed or used with Wrappers Alcantara ear saver for avoiding any pressure on your ears.

No one face mask will be perfect for everyone but Wrappers has the advantage of making its products to order, which means it can offer more options on the two most important aspects - fit and comfort - than mass produced masks. Orders take 3 - 5 days to process plus shipping time. 

Wrappers face coverings are a non-medical product and are not a substitute for social distancing and hand hygiene.

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