iPhone 11 Pro new case sizes

iPhone 11 Pro new case sizes

Oxford based Wrappers, designer-maker of no logo, iPhone slip cases in exclusive luxury Alcantara and all natural, pure wool, has added three new, form fitted sizes for Apple's latest 11" range.

Wrappers iPhone slip case in exclusive 3D check patterned Alcantara in eight colours, fitted for iPhone Pro 11", iPhone Pro Max 11" and iPhone 11", with optional pocket for card/cash. From £27.00

Wrappers iPhone pouch in classic Alcantara in ten colours, fitted for iPhone Pro 11", iPhone Pro Max 11" and iPhone 11. £27.00

Wrappers iPhone pure wool case in undyed, natural charcoal or grey, with optional card/cash pocket, fitted for iPhone Pro 11", iPhone Pro Max 11" and iPhone 11". From £15.00

Going naked with a Wrappers slip case

No logo Wrappers iPhone cases compliment the minimalist style and material quality of Apple's beautiful iPhone and enable it to be used as designed - a slim, lightweight device of the highest build quality - but to have form fitted protection in a nice to hold slip on sleeve when not in use, such as when carried with other things.

Wrappers exclusive sustainable textiles

Wrappers super performance, sustainable textile cases are designed as an alternative to synthetics, to retain their high quality, tactile finish over many years of use.  

Wrappers genuine Italian designed Alcantara is best known as the super-textile of choice for car interiors by Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and others. Its luxury, tactile finish is super durable and withstands everyday wear and tear.

Alcantara is up to 50 percent lighter than leather, wipes clean and provides additional grip. The material is less than 1 millimetre thick, scratch and crack-proof, less sensitive to variations in temperature and classified as Carbon Neutral.  Its softness enables it to be tailored around car interiors, seating, steering wheels ... and gadgets you love to hold.

Wrappers wool felt is made in Germany from 100%, undyed pure wool - no added synthetics or colouring. This makes it soft to the touch, as well as strong and non-fraying - perfect to protect your personal tech. It is naturally water resistant, biodegradable, sustainable and durable and using only very high quality, fine wool, makes it especially dense and stable. 

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