News : People wear cloth masks with no filter because practical options are difficult to find

News : People wear cloth masks with no filter because practical options are difficult to find - Wrappers UK

For immediate release, Oxford 18th September 2020

UK made fitted face mask comfortable to wear with Alcantara ear saver from £8.00

Face coverings are something that almost everyone accepts are needed. But there are mixed views about how effective cloth face masks are and people want more help with finding masks that have an affordable and practical filter.

Oxford based Wrappers surveyed its customers in August and found there is almost universal acceptance that using a face covering (as distinct from medical personal protection equipment), provides some protection and just over half of face mask users (56%) rate their covering as somewhat effective. Only 3% of respondents rated their covering as extremely effective.

There were mixed views on how effective a cloth mask is without a filter. Almost one in three (30%) considered it would be very effective, and half thought it somewhat effective. This is despite repeated research findings showing a non-woven layer, or filter, adds to the effectiveness of a cloth covering.

Finding a practical easy to use cloth mask with filters could be the explanation why the majority of users are ambivalent about a non-woven layer.

Only one in ten said it was easy to find a cloth mask with a practical option for using a filter and almost a third said it was difficult.

Wrappers asked customers how innovative a face mask would be that was easy to use with everyday household filters. Well over half (57%) of respondents said it would be very or extremely innovative.

The majority of respondents said they would replace the face covering they were using, with almost half (47%) very likely or extremely likely to replace it. This reflects the fact that users are at best ambivalent about the effectiveness of what they are using.

Responding to the on-going need for face coverings and that wearing them for longer periods may become the norm, Wrappers new range can be worn with Wrappers Alcantara ear saver. The soft suede band sits on the back of the head and takes pressure off the ears. Masks open along the top. This makes a pocket that is wide enough to easily add a fresh non-woven filter with each use. The mask is reversible to match your mood and clothes, seamless and smooth on both sides for wearing against the skin.

Using commonly found household materials like paper towel, which has a structure similar to paper medical masks, adds virtually no cost to daily use and Wrappers has priced its coverings as not for profit, to cover materials and hand making in the UK.

Wrappers face coverings can be hand or machine washed at up to 60°C. They are fully reversible with a choice of plain and patterned finely woven cottons and have an enclosed nose wire. Customers can select from three adult sizes – Ladies & Teens, Ladies Large and Mens – and three ear elastic options.

Commenting on the new range Wrappers Selina Howells said: “No one face mask will be perfect for everyone but Wrappers has the advantage of making its products to order. It can offer more options on the two most important aspects - fit and comfort - than mass produced masks.

Orders take three to five days to process plus shipping. Wrappers face masks are a non-medical product and are not a substitute for social distancing and hand hygiene. Due to the personal nature of the product, sales are non-returnable. To order visit Wrappers website at


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