Fabulous India

The fabulous fabrics of India are on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of its India Festival. The exhibition runs until January 10th 2016.

The Fabric of India tells of the historical and everyday importance of textiles to the economy of India. As well as being the world's largest fabric exporter, cloth is important in India’s social history, from religious significance to its political role in the freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The story of India’s natural plant fibres and dyes, its patterns and the importance of hand woven techniques as a symbol of honest village labour are told in a stunning display of over 200 objects.

Textiles in Indian society have traditionally been used to decorate often spartan interiors and create an atmosphere of handsome opulence. Austere state buildings conventionally feature decorative wall hangings and canopies, whilst colourful cushions and bolsters are popular in domestic interiors, in place of furniture.

There are some truly fabulous canopies and wall hangings on display. More information on the V&A's website.

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