MacBook a great laptop for travelling

June 06, 2016

Apple's MacBook 12 inch is a great laptop for travelling. At 28.05cm x 19.65cm and weighing just 2 lbs, it is really, really small and lightweight but has the functionality of a full-size laptop. It fits snuggly in the smallest of compartments. To keep its beautiful all metal body pristine, Wrappers peach skin linen covers make the perfect summer travel accessory.

Why we love Apple's diminuative laptop


The handy MacBook lends itself equally well to working on the move in a bar or cafe, or in a cramped space while travelling. It is incredibly easy to grab on your way out and instant switch on and off makes it super easy and productive to use. The screen is plenty big enough for a full-size experience watching movies on the couch or in bed, plus being a laptop with a full size keyboard, you can even manage working in bed. 

Wrappers has two new linen colours exclusively for MacBook - a midnight blue to compliment MacBook Rose Gold and a soft Gold to match the finish of MacBook gold.

Linen is two to three times as strong as cotton and a natural alternative to synthetics.  Wrappers uses an upholstery quality linen with the characteristic 'slubs' of a natural product. Our linen is stone washed for a soft 'peach skin' finish and fused with 4 ounce wadding for added protection. What could be nicer to hold on your travels than the natural finish of linen?